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Immigration Consultants India from Optimum Immigration

Finding a qualified legal representative for a Canadian immigration case can be a challenging task. The very first issue that a client should consider is whether their legal representative is lawfully permitted to represent them.

According to Section 2 of the Canadian Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulations, the term "authorized representative" means a member in good standing of a bar of a province, the Chambre des notaires du Quebec, or the Canadian Society of Immigration Consultants (CSIC). So, only a lawyer admitted to practice law in one of the Canadian provinces or an immigration consultant who is a member of CSIC may represent a client in Canadian immigration matter.

The immigration process can take up to one year or more from the time you sign up to final approval by the Citizenship and Immigration Canada. In that time, your immigration consultant works for you to ensure that all documents are checked for completeness and submitted promptly. It is, therefore, important to pick a consultant who you can trust and communicates with you on a regular basis regarding your application.

The consultants at Optimum Immigration only accept cases where there is a high possibility of success. With our experience and extensive knowledge of Canadian immigration, we are in the position to give you the right advice and put your best case forward in the shortest possible time. Not only do we help you with the visa application, we also provide value added services such as pre-departure advice briefing and introduce Canadian contacts to you for housing; employment; and schooling for your children; medical service plan; and Social Insurance number, to ensure that your move to Canada is as smooth and pleasant as possible.

At Optimum Immigration, we are proud to provide you the best service possible by:
  • Giving you prompt replies to all your enquiries
  • Providing unlimited support in relation to your application
  • Keeping you updated on your visa application regularly
  • Keeping you updated with the latest changes in the skills assessment and immigration laws which might affect your application and advice accordingly
  • We will save you a lot of time and money
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