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Nova Scotia Nominee Program (PNP)

The Nova Scotia Nominee Program (NSNP) offers a quicker entry into Canada for qualified workers and experienced entrepreneurs who wish to settle in Nova Scotia and become permanent residents of Canada.
Successful applicants will receive a Nova Scotia Provincial Nomination Certificate, which will speed-up the Canada Immigration (Permanent Resident) Visa application process.

Under the Nova Scotia Nominee Program (PNP), you may qualify under one of four categories:
Nova Scotia PNP Skilled Worker Stream
To qualify as a Skilled Worker, the applicant must have:
  • A guaranteed job offer from a Nova Scotia employer who has exhausted all other options for finding workers and offers standard wages and working conditions for that occupational field;
  • A desire for permanent, full-time employment;
  • Basic literacy in English; and
  • Minimum of Nova Scotia grade 12 or an equivalent thirteen years of schooling.
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Nova Scotia PNP Family Business Worker Stream
To qualify under the Family Business Worker Stream, the applicant must have:
  • A permanent Nova Scotia job offer from an employer who is a close relative and who owns a business in Nova Scotia;
  • The skills, work experience, and licensing, if applicable, for the job; and
  • Certain minimum criteria for age, language ability and education.
Nova Scotia PNP Community Identified Stream
To qualify under the Community Identified Stream, the applicant must:
  • Have strong established connections to a Nova Scotia community;
  • Have a Letter of Identification from an organization that is mandated by the Nova Scotia Office of Immigration;
  • Be employable and be able to contribute to the economy and the labour market of the specific community.
Nova Scotia PNP International Graduate Stream
To qualify under the International Graduate Stream, the applicant must:
  • Have received a diploma, certificate or degree from a recognized Nova Scotia post-secondary education within the past two years, having completed a full-time program of study;
  • Have job offer in their field of study from a Nova Scotia employer that is guaranteed, full-time and permanent;
  • Be working for that employer before the Provincial Nomination application is submitted;
  • Have legal status in Canada;
  • Have sufficient financial supports;
  • Meet the minimum qualification requirements for the position and the minimum age, education, and language ability.
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