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Value Added Services

When you are immigrating to a new country you and your family wants to know that the transition will be made comfortably and with ease. Optimum Immigration can provide you with quality key information on your intended area with our Value Added Services.

Value Added Services
As part of our total service package, we offer the following services to you, to make your move to the new land of opportunities as smooth as possible:

Pre-departure information session
Optimum Immigration strives to ensure that the lives of its clients are comfortable and easy in their new environment. After your visa has been granted and before you pack up to leave, we will provide you with an in-depth information session. If you are not able to come to our office, we can send you a detailed pre-departure guide.

A number of brochures, catalogues, latest newspapers from around Canada and books are also available in our office. This material can be accessed by our clients at any time during the period their application is processed by us, not just before they leave.This will help them in preparing for new life in Canada.

Airport pickup & Accommodation
We can offer you a meet & greet service through third party providers at an extra fee.

Our job website can make finding the first job in Canada quite simple. You can start looking for job before your immigration to Canada. This will help you in understanding Canadian job market and available opportunities in your field of your education and experience. That's not all. You would find that our service is comprehensive and we will take care of all aspects of your move. Here at Optimum Immigration, we help solve the puzzle.
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