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Student/Study Visa

Canadians place great importance on learning, and have developed a first-rate education system with high standards. A Canadian degree, diploma or certificate is well-regarded in business, government and academic circles around the globe.
More than 130,000 foreign students come to study in Canada each year with additional students who come to learn English or French within Canada's bilingual borders. The Student visa allows foreigners to engage in further studies in Canada either in an academic or vocational sector, thus bringing their rich culture, expansive knowledge and varied skills to Canada's already diverse classrooms and schools.
Foreign applicants must show their intention to study, provide proof of acceptance and enrolment at an accredited institution, proof of sufficient funds and sufficient ties to return to their home country once they have completed their studies. Once granted, a student visa will allow applicants to experience Canada's high-quality education system, state of the art research facilities, and broad post-graduate employment opportunities.

Student/study visa basic requirements
There are specific requirements for the Student visa will vary depending on the selected level of study, the applicant's educational background, and their country of citizenship.
Applicants will generally require:
  • Proof of acceptance and enrolment to an accredited academic institution in Canada;
  • A valid passport/travel document, and provide proof of financial support;
  • Ties to their home country and evidence of their intention to leave Canada at the end of their studies.
In addition, applicants must ensure that they are criminally and medically admissible to enter Canada and be willing to undergo a medical examination, as required.

An applicant who is granted a student visa is eligible to work on-campus throughout the school year, allowing them to earn money towards tuition, explore Canada's diverse landscape, and gain valuable Canadian work experience. In addition, they may be entitled to apply for Off-Campus Work visa after 6 months. In most cases, foreign students are entitled to apply for a Post-Graduation Work visa, enabling them to remain in Canada for up to two years in some cases. It may also be possible have their permanent residence application processed in tandem, allowing them to work and live in Canada permanently.

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