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What We Do

Migration is an important decision that requires deep consideration. The immigration process is complex and lengthy and thus the help of experts in the field always has its significance. We

Optimum Immigration is built on a legacy of delivering excellence, industry knowledge, world-class infrastructure and comprehensive resettlement package consisting of immigration, placement & settlement experts.

You may fail to get a positive decision with a minor technical mistake in the application that may be impossible for you to rectify afterwards. It may cost you dearly in terms of time, money, denial of immigration to you and /or your near and dear ones. Optimum Immigration has a reputation to provide efficient service for Immigration to the Canadians and prospective immigrants with our offices in Canada and with agent office locations in India.
We accept assignments only for which we are qualified and in which it is believed there may be real benefits to the Client. We have a commitment to keep our knowledge and skills up-to-date in compliance with Continuing Professional Development requirements established by the CSIC. (CSIC rules)

Your free eligibility assessment: Before you retain our Canada immigration services, we offer:
  • Personalized assessments of your qualifications;
  • Responses to your inquiries
  • Discussion with Immigration Consultants
Facilitate your application process: Once you retain our services, we will:
  • Determine under which category you are eligible to apply
  • We will act as your legal representative through the process. The immigration process often requires a thorough understanding of laws and regulations, policies and procedures which are regularly modified to meet the objectives of Canadian and provincial governments. Up to minute information on legislation governing the immigration process gives Optimum Immigration an edge.
  • We secures your personal interview with a designated immigration officer; our specialist will personally instruct and advise you to increase your chances for a successful interview. Included in this preparation will be helpful interview techniques and rehearse with you and your family members commonly asked questions.
  • Once your case file has been submitted, Optimum Immigration will ensure prompt and accurate processing and monitoring.
  • Track your application until your Canada Immigration (Permanent Resident) Visa is issued.

Pre and Post Landing Services:
We offers a broad portfolio of excellently managed pre-flight to post landing services tailored to the needs of each client.
  • Provide you with an in-depth information session for settlement in Canada.
  • Provide you with our Optimum Job Search Tool for job search in Canada.
  • Prepare you for your arrival at a Canadian port of entry
  • Guide you about your Canadian Residency obligations

Our mission is to make your dreams come true by following an honest and informative path. We further state that we will take every possible steps and precautions as well to take your immigration case to the best possible level.
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